10 Green Tips for Summer Travel

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Realwonderoftheworld.com – Traveling is indeed fun. However, unconsciously, traveling might give a detrimental effect on the environment, particularly on the carbon emission. Besides, not infrequently some of the most fascinating tour sites were damaged as the consequence of the ignorant travelers excursions. As a matter of fact, this ignorance brings harmful effect on the environment.

Hence, green travel is now the new hype! Here are the 10 Green Tips for Summer Travel

  1. For your transportation, avoid the use of vehicles that emit a lot of carbon dioxide;
  2.  Use the public transportation, rent bikes, or walk to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the uniqueness of the area that we visit, including several enchanting hidden places;
  3.  Get to know the people around might be one of the ways to share the use of transportation. This sharing will save the CO2 emission, save your budget and of course, connect us to have more friends;
  4. Buy your meals at the local stalls and local restaurants. It may save the emission used for the distribution of the groceries from distant places. Additionally, you can directly contribute to the living of the local people. For health reason, usually the local restaurants do not use plastics/Styrofoam, so it is better for your health;
  5. Have local meals and drinks. Besides having the taste of the local culinary, it may save the CO2 emission produced by the import products;
  6. Bring your own drinking bottle so that it can be refilled;
  7. Bring your own shopping bag to reduce plastic waste;
  8. Never drop litter; throw rubbish in its bin;
  9. Pick out tourist sites which offer ‘greener’ service or have an environment program;
  10. Encourage the tourism industry to do their social responsibility. A research shows that many of the international tourists are willing to pay higher if their vacations contribute good things to the society, environment-friendly and preserve the local culture.


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Happy Green Travels!

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