5 Reasons Why ‘Komodo is Dangerously Good Food’ For You

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5 Reasons Why ‘Komodo is Dangerously Good Food’ For You

Realwonderoftheworld.com – The Komodo dragon, a species of giant lizard predominately found in Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

The Komodo dragon, or varanus komodoensis, the largest of all known lizards, now only survives in the wild on the western side of Flores Island, having become extinct on Padar Island in 2000.

And, do you know ‘Komodo is Dangerously Good Food’ for you in Los Angeles?

“We launched our business a year and a half ago in Los Angeles. No plans to expand to Indonesia.” said Chef Erwin Tjahyadi an Indonesian America, Founder Komodo food.

Then, Here are 5 Reason Why ‘Komodo is Dangerously Good Food’ For You: 

  1. Komodo is one of the original nouveau gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles- catering gourmet Asian Fusion dishes with ungourmet street prices.
  2. Komodo’s chef Erwin Tjahyadi is one of the rising culinary stars in Los Angeles, studied at the Cordon Bleu, apprenticed under Wolfgang Puck, worked at countless reputable restaurants such as Georges at the Cove, Hotel Bel Air, Ortolan, and more. 
  3. Komodo combines all the glorious California ingredients and delicious produce with herbs and seasonings from South East Asia & Latin America- creating a true fusion of flavors. Example, one of our most popular dishes is Pork Rendang Burrito we called Java. 
  4. Komodo is a food truck to the stars. From Brad Pitt to Julianne Moore to Jon Hamm, Komodo is the preferred food truck and caterer to the stars. 
  5. Komodo has two running food trucks and a cafe in West Los Angeles. 

Komodo stands for Dangerously Good Food and we don’t mean that lightly. 


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Images courtesy of Komodo Food

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