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July 25, 2011 No Comments » – Alex Valenzuela was born in 1979 Manhattan, New York. He studied illustration and graphic design at the Academy of Art College San Francisco. After his studies in 2002 he went travelling and working through Bali, Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, London, and decided his heart and inspiratation resided in Bali.

10 Reason Why Alex Valenzuela Began Painting & Drawing Putri Naga Komodo:

  1. My friend Johnny Langenheim adapted and edited the folktales but there was no artist yet, so he asked me to meet the creative directors.
  2. I was intrigued by the Komodo Folktales, and there similarity to the Brothers Grimm Tales.
  3. To take a contemporary fine art illustration approach to the visual look and feel to the stories would make a difference.
  4. The Nature Conservancy flew me out to Komodo to meet the people on the island especially the priests to get authentic approval of the imagery in the book and that in itself is special.
  5. After going to Komodo I felt an overwhelming concern to help these people. The children, the families, they all embraced me to the point were i was shaking from the emotion and excitement.
  6. For preservation and protection of the land and the fact that proceeds from the book go to the komodo people.
  7. Make the bridge from the east to west and share the Putri Naga Komodo Book with the world which can be purchased at Periplus all across indonesia, and hopefully soon spread to the US and europe.
  8. To simply create art from my heart.
  9. Its most important to me that people feel inspired by the Putri Naga Komodo artwork hence i worked until my heart was content and everyone involved was happy.
  10. To have an artshow and preserve the longevity of my art with galleries & collectors.


The paintings & drawings of Putri Naga Komodo launching

I had an artshow this past march & book launch up in Ubud at the Gaya Art Space from March 11th through 11th, 2011. Right now were in preparation to bring the Komodo exhibit to Jakarta and potentially have a traveling art show.

Putri Naga Komodo

The six stories are focused around Siti Fari & Putri Naga a woman of angelic descent, who was travelling with handmaids from the village of Todo, Flores, escorted by a school of Tori fish. She travels throughout the islands of Komodo planting Lontar seeds and eventually marries the king of Bima on the island of Sumbawa. The people of Flores than tell of an unnamed woman who was actually a princess of Bima. She left the sultan and journeyed to Flores where she fell pregnant to a fisherman. Unwilling to marry him, she travelled onward into Komodo National Park, where she gave birth to her son on Komodo Island itself. She then takes her son with her back to the island of Bima, where he later becomes the sultan.

The stories are very in depth so you will need to read the book to connect the rest of the stories.

As an Artist, where do you find your inspiration?

My dreams. And making this exhibition, and creating art, they’re like a dream within a dream. for more detail you can read on gaya fusion

Komodo National Park

I think its one of the most amazing and phenomenal places on the planet. The people are so kind and gentle. It was a real pleasure to connect with them and there cultural heritage. The nature and underwater ecology is truly stunning and unlike anywhere else in the world. As far as sustainability theres always more to do and better ways of creating sustainable infrastructure. Lets see what the future holds.

Happy Green Travels!

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Image courtesy of Alex Valenzuela

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