Exploring Komodo National Park Through the “Silk Pathway”

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Komodo Dragon

Therealwonderofworld.com – Try to do this simple research, ask your friends in your office or just random persons you pass by on the road. Ask them this question, “Have you ever been to Komodo Island?” We are nearly 90% sure that the answers would not go far from the words “Not yet”, “Wow, I’d love to!”, “That’s a good one, but I still consider on my leave.”

We were intrigued and eager to ask again. Yet this time, we looked for foreigners. The question was still similar, “Have you ever been to Komodo Island?” And, wow, the answers were apparently fascinating. Anderson from England could be the first example to begin with. “Komodo is the wonder of the world, I would love to visit again in this 2011. Everything seems exotic there.” Then, there was Aima, a tourist from Sweden who has been staying in Bali for four months. “Komodo Island is on my trip list. Indonesia is immense; I think I need at least a year to go around it. Haha..

“Indonesia is a paradise – its pleasant climate and low cost of living – everything is green, blue, tropical and exotic. It’s just like a dream.”

Eventually, we would always say, “Why would you go to other countries when the real paradise is right here?” You definitely might want to explore Indonesia before you pass away.

Accordingly, here it is, Exploring Komodo National Park Through “The Silk Pathway”. Check this out:

Tirta Empul, Bali – Courtesy of Travel Junkie Indonesia

Bali Island & Lombok

Bali; who don’t put a name to this place? Since 1930, Bali has been popular in Hollywood through its film titled Bali is The Last Paradise, which made Ketut Tantri, an American lady, then decided to fight against the colonial for the independence of Indonesia. And nowadays, Bali has once again been uplifted through the film of Eat, Pray, Love and the museum of Marketing 3.0 which both are going worldwide.  Bali is such an access doorway to guide you to Komodo National Park. For those travelers who only have limited time to enjoy Komodo National Park, they could have directly had the flight ticket of Bali-Labuan Bajo. However, for those travelers who have plenty of time to connect with the east side of Bali, they could have listed Lombok Island to their itinerary list of Komodo National Park through the “Silk Pathway”.

Lombok Island has a natural beauty of its enchanting mountains. Name it, the Gunung Rinjani National Park in Tete Batu Village, Sikur region. Lombok is particularly similar with Senggigi, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Nonetheless, Lombok still has so much more gilis in the south, west, north and east. The gilis which are recommended to be visited, are Gili Nangu, Gili Sundak, Gili Tangkong, Gili Poh, Gili Anyaran, Gili Lawang, Gili Sulat and other gilis.

» What to Do

Diving, snorkeling, surfing, beach hopping, trekking, rafting, connecting with the local culture and its local music are the activities which could be done there. Travel tips: going around Lombok & Bali using motorcycle could give you an unforgettable sensation.

Waterfall, Moyo Island – Courtesy of Amanwana

Moyo Island (Sumbawa)

Pleased exploring Bali and Lombok, now it’s time for you to enjoy the exotic Sumbawa Island. Sumbawa has numerous ravishing islands, which are Moyo Island, Medang Island, Panjang Island, Liang Island, Ngali Island and Rakit Island. As ravishing as they can be, Moyo Island and Medang Island have ever been visited by Lady Diana and Michael Philip “Mick Jagger” as their holiday destination.

Travel tips: to explore Komodo National Park through the “silk pathway” you should have done sailing from Moyo Island to get there. Why is it so? It’s because by sailing, you would have had an unconventional experience, such as, catching up new travelling friends from various countries with various culture, enjoying the fresh sunrise and sunset everyday and so forth.

» What to Do

Diving, snorkeling, beach hopping, trekking, connecting with the local culture and its local music are the activities which could be done there.

Gili Keramat & Gili Bedil (Sumbawa)

Gili Bedil and Gili Keramat, which are located in Utan sub-district, should have been admitted as the exotic area for tourism. Aside from its natural landscape, the nature has also offered its enchanting white sand to be enjoyed. Thus it is on the button to say that these two gilis are put in the list of the “silk pathway” to Komodo National Park.

» What to Do

Diving, snorkeling, beach hopping, connecting with the local culture and its local music are the activities which could be done there.

Satonda Island

You may only be able to explore the volcanic island and swim in the salt lake in Satonda Island. This island offers you allured scenery, chimed in the serenity of the nature. Therefore, it is not surprising if this island then being put in the list of the “silk pathway” which can be visited by the travelers in their journey from Bali or Lombok to Komodo Island.

» What to Do

Diving, snorkeling, beach hopping, get connected with the sun.


Donggo is a sub-district in Bima regency, East Sumbawa. In this place, you wil learn a lot about the culture from the people of Donggo. They have a belief to highly respect their ancestors’ spirits and this will be a piquant thing to be learnt. What I like most during my visit to Donggo was its ceremonials related to a living circle.

» What to Do

Connecting with the local culture and its local music, travelling like local in Donggo are some of the activities that could be done there.

Gili Laba

Perhaps not many of us recognize Gili Laba. Nevertheless, this island is a must to be visited for you who take the “silk pathway” route to Komodo National Park. This island has an exquisite tropical landscape. Here you will do a bit strenuous trekking. It is so because many of the travelers are not able to reach the peak of Gili Laba. With the land slope of 70 degrees, this will be a challenging activity you might want to try on.

» What to Do

Trekking, beach hopping, sunbathing and so.

Komod Marine Park, courtesy of indonesia.travel

Komodo National Park

Komodo (Varanus komodoensis) is a rare species, which almost come to its extinction and can only be found in Komodo National Park. As for its uniqueness and scarcity, the UNESCO stated Komodo National Park as the World Heritage Site and Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1986. It was first discovered by the scientific world in 1911 by JKH Van Steyn. Since then, the conservation purpose was expanded as to also preserve all the biodiversity, in sea and land.

The vast islands in this national park are Komodo Island, Padar, Rinca, Gili Motang and Nusa Kode; yet there are also small-scale islands in it. The main activities in Komodo National Park are trekking, diving, and beach hopping at Pink Beach.

In Komodo Island, there are several trekking types, which are short trek (0.5 hours – 1km), medium trek (1.5 hours – 3 km) and long trek (2.5 hours – 4.5 km). The travelers may choose the type of trekking based on their ability. Among these islands in the national park, the most aggressive and numerous komodo are found in Rinca Island.

Labuan Bajo is a small yet pretty harbor located in the westernmost tip of Flores Island and used as the main entrance to Komodo National Park as well as to other wonderful Flores islands. The sunset in Labuan Bajo offers a spectacular view when the small-scale islands, which face the harbor silhouette, dramatically create a delightful effect.

» What to Do

Diving, snorkeling, beach hopping, trekking, connecting with the local culture and its local music are the activities which could be done there.

As a result, settle the map of Nusa Tenggara or the east of Bali on your side and put eyes on it, it’s time for you to get lost in your own country. Go and enjoy the Komodo National Park perfectly to reveal its secret. The “silk pathway” here means the pathway often walked through by the travelers to Komodo National Park without any flight route of Bali-Labuan Bajo. It is such a great pleasure to enjoy the connection with the nature, culture, local music, culinary and whoop it up with the friendly locals.

Explore Komodo National Park & Happy Green Travels!

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