Flores: Diving Around Komodo

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Realwonderoftheworld.com – In this post, we would recommend a book titled Flores: Diving Around Komodo. This book will take you to enjoy all the best in the Komodo Marine Park (KMP). Many professional photographers jointly celebrate the exotic underwater marine creatures from the Komodo Marine Park.

This book also gives tips on safety diving. Besides, a lot of important information and practical guidance are given by experienced local dive tourism managers and tide information as well as the challenges of diving in certain dive spots.

This book is an amazing work of bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Culture & Tourism the Republic of Indonesia and Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs that support the regional tourism development projects. By reading this book, you are invited to be active in the natural protection of the Komodo National Park.

No wonder if the Komodo National Park has been named as The Real Wonder of the World by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism the Republic of Indonesia on the initiator of Marketeers. The Komodo National Park is in the real wonder of the world because it has perfect criteria which are wonderful nature, wonderful wildlife, wonderful culture, wonderful underwater, and wonderful sustainability.

This book is perfect for you who have a plan for diving and learning biota in the Komodo Marine Park underwater. What are you waiting for? Please visit the Komodo National Park right now and be a responsible and environmentally-friendly traveler.

Happy Green Travels!

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