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LABUAN BAJO, — Cheerfulness was seen in all over the faces of the winners in quiz. Five selected persons won the tour package to Komodo National Park (KNP).

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as the quiz organizer, provided tickets for the flights, accommodation, meals and transportation during their tour activities. The trip started on July 21 to 23 2011. The winners visited Rinca Island, Komodo Island and Pink Beach. Those three locations are in the area of KNP.

“I’ve been dreaming of coming to Komodo Island, especially Pink Beach since couple years ago, and now here I am, stepping on Pink Beach. Everyday, there are questions in and I have to answer five of those at max. I managed to invite my friends in Facebook for about 18,000 people to join so that my points could increase and increase,” said Saprudi (25), the champion from South Borneo.

While Dian Anggraini (21), one of the winners from Palembang told Marketeers on Friday (22/7), “So this is it: we have to increase our points; there are questions in daily and we have to answer five questions at max. I managed to invite 11,000 of my friends in Facebook to join hence my points were increasing.”

Social media is indeed a small budget-high impact tool to promote Indonesia. By attaching the picture of Pink Beach in the Facebook invitation, Dian succeeded to invite her friends to join the quiz.

Distinct from her, Rahman Hakim (28) from Sukabumi said during the transit time before departing from Solo, “This is the first time I ride on an airplane, how on earth the iron could fly this high! This is my first experience going to Komodo Island. I am so excited and proud to be Indonesian.”

The other winner, Ryaniko Yusaputra from Lampung and Akhmad Rofieq from Yogyakarta felt the same excitement and joy with the rest. quiz had run for three months since May 2011. According to the Director of Promotion and Facilities from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Esthy Reko Astuty, “Since this quiz, the visitors in increased up to 200 percent. I hope that similar quiz can be done with different destinations.”

Komodo Island was chosen as the tour destination for the quiz winners as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism together with Marketeers had launched the campaign of ‘Komodo National Park: The Real Wonder of The World.’ To know it in details, you may visit Komodo has to be consistently promoted,” he told. Therefore, the trip of those winners were also followed and updated by the media, either printed or digital.

Let’s explore Komodo National Park: The Real Wonder of The World. Celebrating the Last Great Authentic Creature in the Universe.

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