Friends of Komodo

The Real Wonder of the World Campaign that was launched on July 1st at the Philip Kotler Hall at MIM Campus, Jakarta. The campaign is aimed to raise global public awareness and participation in the conservation and preservation of the Komodo dragon and its natural habitat, found solely in Indonesia by the island of Flores.

The Friends of Komodo are an assembly of individuals who are passionate about the Conservation of Komodo, ranging from leaders in state-own enterprises, the private sector, press and media leaders, travel agents, celebrities, youth, women, netizen, and the general public.

Special for The Friends of Komodo

  • Sapta Nirwandar, Director General of Tourism Marketing, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia
  • Hermawan Kartajaya, Founder and Chairman of Marketeer

Inviting Friends of Komodo in Indonesia

  • Olivia Zalianty, produser a film Komodo dragons.
  • Olga Lydia (Host, model, traveler, diver)
  • Dira Sugandi (Musician)
  • Mercy Dumais (Musician)
  • Sandhy Sondoro (Musician)
  • Trisum: Balawan, Dewa Budjana, & Topati (Musician)
  • Dwiki Dharmawan (Musician)
  • Syaharani (Musician)
  • Prof. Ir. IDP Putra Sastrawan
  • Y.W. Junardy (President Commisioner of PT Rajawali Corporation)
  • Suzy D Utomo (CEO Body Shop Indonesia)
  • I Nyoman G. Wiryanata (Direktur Telkom Indonesia)
  • Kompas Gramedia
  • Newmont Indonesia
  • Swiss Contact
  • Putri Naga Komodo
  • Sido Muncul
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Bintang Flores Hotel
  • TransNusa Airline
  • Trinity Traveler
  • Alex Valenzuela
  • Travel Junkie Indonesia
  • Dive Mag Indonesia
  • Books for Hope
  • Fin Komodo
  • Komodo Dancer Liveaboard Indonesia
  • etc

Inviting Friends of Komodo in the world

  • Komodo Food, United State.
  • Komodo Label, Worldwide.
  • Komodo Jeans, Colombia.
  • Cafe Komodo, Australia.
  • Old Spice Komodo Deodorant, Fiji
  • DJ Komodo, United State
  • Komodo Digital, UK
  • Komodo Gear, United State
  • Komodo Firework, UK
  • Komodo Capital, Singapore
  • Komodo CMS, Australia
  • Komodo Kamado, Worldwide
  • LonelyPlanet
  • BBC Travel
  • National Geographic
  • etc