Komodo Deserves More Conservation Efforts, says Researcher

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Komodo Deserves More Conservation Efforts, says Researcher

Realwonderoftheworld.com - Rather than merely campaigning for the Komodo dragon as a new seven wonder, a researcher says that the giant lizard deserves more conservation efforts.

Komodo researcher Putra Sastrawan from Udayana University, Bali said on Wednesday that the dragon had naturally become the world’s wonder due to its excellent survival ability for millions of years.

“What people should be aware of is how to maintain the existence of the dragon,” he said as quoted by kompas.com.

He said the number of komodo had been decreasing due to high competition in food access.

“The lizards consume deer, and so do humans. In this competition, komodo loses because humans are much smarter in hunting down the deer,” said Putra.

Putra also said that the increasing human population had forced komodo to lose parts of its environment.

“What we should do now is create an ideal environment for the dragons,” he said.

He also said that researchers should be encouraged to explore more about the dragons.

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