Komodo Dragon: Ecology, Behavior & Way of Life

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Realwonderoftheworld.com - Komodo Dragon is truly the only living Dragon on earth. On the island of Komodo, Flores and Rinca and several other islands in Nusa Tenggara. Living in open dry grasslands, savannas and tropical forests at low altitude, this lizard likes this hot and dry place.

They are active during the day, although sometimes are also active at night. Komodo is a solitary animal, gathering together only at meals and breed. This large reptile can sprint up to 20 kilometers per hour at short distances; swim very well and can dive as 4.5 meters depth, and also good at climbing trees using their powerful claws.

To catch prey that are beyond its reach, Komodo may stand on its hind legs and uses its tail as a support. With increasing age, komodo tends to use its claws as weapons, because its large size made it difficult to climb trees.

For shelter, Komodo digs holes about 1-3 meters wide with its front legs and strong claws. Because of its size and habit of sleeping in a hole, komodo can maintain its body heat during the night and reduces the time for sunbathing on the next morning.

Komodo generally hunts in the afternoon to evening, but still take shelter during the hottest part of the day. The komodo’s hiding places are usually located in the dunes or hills with the sea breeze, open from vegetation, and inhabitants’ dung is scattered here and there. This place is also a strategic location to catch deer.

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