Komodo Dragon in Praha Zoo

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Prague, Realwonderoftheworld.com – Komodo Dragon is a prehistoric animal alive in Indonesia — as the real wonder is obviously protected and conserved in a zoo in Prague, Czech Republic. CEO and Founder of MarkPlus, as well as Marketeers Publisher, Hermawan Kartajaya came across the dragon from 10.00 to 12.00 in his visitation to 1931-bulit Zoo Praha on Thursday, August 4th 2011. The visitation was nonetheless becoming his presence as Tourism Ambassador of Indonesia and the Czech Republic Honorary Consul in Surabaya. During the visit, he was accompanied by Guntur Setyawan, an Indonesian embassy officer.

That experience was not really a coincidence. Not quite long ago, on July 30th 2011, Marketeers in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Kemenbudpar) of the Republic of Indonesia held “Concert for Komodo” as part of extensive effort to amplify Komodo as the Real Wonder of the World. It included bringing hashtag #KomodoRealWonder about Twitter trending topic last Saturday.

At Zoo Praha, Hermawan was directly delivered by the zoo manager to a special zone accommodating Indonesia-typical flora and fauna. The zone is named Indonesian Jungle. Indonesian Jungle zone is about 1900 metres square and inhabited by 70 tree species within 19 tree genera also 1100 animals within 60 animal species.

Indonesian Jungle was opened on November 29th 2004. People say that Indonesian Jungle is the biggest and most expensive area ever built for animal zone in Zoo Praha. The zone was constructed in such way like a tropical rain forest of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Some parts of the pavilion are divided up to each animal family, e.g. primates (orang utan, gibbons, monkey, and tree monkey), nocturnal animal, and a kind of artificial lake which is inhabited by about 40 fish species. And, most interesting one, also in the zoo, there are Komodo!

At Indonesian Jungle, Hermawan was able to get closer to Komodo hence caressed a male Komodo named Leonardo –a 17-year-old tame Komodo–. Leonardo is the first Komodo imported to Zoo Praha on 2004. Hermawan also found his time to visit being-built breeding or nursery zone. Zoo Praha, arguably, is the only zoo in Europe that has a nursery area. Hermawan also took a few moments by his camera and the results are presented below this paper.

Regarding to its history, on November 26th 2004, a pair of Komodo from Taman Safari Bogor were brought to Zoo Praha. According to Petr Velensky, reptile curator at Zoo Praha, –taken from zoopraha.cz — those Komodo brought into Czech Republic were gifts from President Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to Czech President, Vaclav Klaus. At that time, the event was facilitated by Indonesian Ambassador to Czech Republic, Leonard Tobing. Hence, those pair of Komodo got mates in July 2006, as most perfect times to this giant reptile mates. In September, the female Komodo spawned.

To determine Komodo activities, Zoo Praha installed surveillance cameras, especially to monitor Komodo night activities. Apparently, Zoo Praha team on March 28th 2007 found a female Komodo digging one-meter-deep hole and laid its eggs there. Komodo usually does not make only one pit, she make several others as ploys to safe her eggs from predators.

Inside the hole, Zoo Praha team found five eggs stored in 32° C moist soil. On its 207th day of incubation, the egg weight was between 220 to 276 grams. The eggs were then broken and two of the embryos was found dead. The others were then placed in a 30° C incubator from April 16th to 25th. After 224-233 days of incubation, or 18-27 days after being placed into incubator, three Komodo babies finally hatched healthily with 104, 129, and 125 grams weight and 43.9, 45.9, and 44.6 cm height. To warm them, Zoo Praha set 300-watt Osram Ultra Vitalux lamps. Within a week, they began to be given small rodents and their development was considered normal.

“Beside of the fact about Komodo breeding successfulness at Zoo Praha, we are not excessive. We thank to our colleagues at Pilsen Zoo because of their experiences shared with us; and we appreciate their assistance in Komodo sonographic examination,” said Petr Velensky.

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This post is special report for “Counting Down, Live Streaming Komodo Dragons Hatching from Egg”

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