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Chicago, Realwonderoftheworld.com - Komodo was promoted as “the Real Wonder of the World” in Chicago. The event titled “Komodo Night in Chicago” was held on September 22, 2011 in Crystal Gardens, Navy Pier, Chicago, an indoor park at Navy Pier in a glass dome decorated with palm trees so as to give the atmosphere of the Komodo park.

Komodo Night was attended by approximately 300 guests, comprising of tourism industries and members of the PATA Midwest Chapter, wildlife community, travel bureau, electronic and mass media, friends of Komodo in Illinois, entrepreneurs and academicians. The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with Marketeers Media Fleet and General Consulate of Indonesia in Chicago, fully supported by “Friends of Komodo” in the United States. Also presented at the event, Phillip Kottler, marketing expert and the world of Indonesian Special Ambassador for Indonesian Tourism, the Director of the Field Museum of History of Chicago and Director of Shed Aquarium Chicago.

Komodo Night was officially opened by the General Consulate of Chicago, Benny Bahanadewa. The speech from the General Director of Tourism Marketing, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Sapta Nirwandar was delivered by the Director of Promotion Affairs, Esthy Astuty saying that Komodo was chosen as the new icon as the real wonder of the world to introduce a tourist destination other than Bali. Chicago was chosen as the place to promote in the U.S. after similar events held in Bali and Sydney. “Komodo Night” event is regarded as an effective means of promotion to the international community to experience in the Komodo National Park as the real wonder of the world.

Indonesian ambassador for the U.S., Dino Patti Djalal in a speech presented on a video welcomed the promotion of Komodo in Chicago. The U.S. public was informed to see the uniqueness of the Komodo National Park, which consists of several islands as the Indonesian version of “Jurassic Park” with around 5,000 komodo dragons, a type of dinosaur reptiles living in the world. The ambassador invited tourism industries and communities of Chicago to visit Indonesia and see the life of dragons in the Komodo National Park. Komodo dragons are also found in several zoos in the U.S. Besides Komodo, Flores Island has the potential to be a leading tourist spot for the U.S. society because it has rich biological resources attractive for foreign tourists.

Hermawan Kertajaya as a Special Ambassador for Indonesian Tourism who is also head of Markeeteers Media Fleet, in addition to talking about the komodo dragons, he also told the audience about the diversity and uniqueness of other Indonesian tourist attractions. Hermawan also initiated the foundation of The Real Wonder of the World that gradually introduces the uniqueness of other Indonesian tourist spots to the world.

The promotion of “Komodo Night” began with a traditional woven fabric exhibition of tenun ikat from East Nusa Tenggara, traditional musical instruments, Sasando as well as Komodo feature application for cellular phones and iPad. The guests were welcomed by officials who are all dressed in Flores costumes. The event was enlivened by dancing performance and songs sung by the Indonesia Flores community in Chicago, and Jazz ethnic music by Neta Aartsen Quatro.

Beside promoting Komodo, art and culture of Flores, it was also shown testimonials on Komodo and Flores Island by Friends of Indonesia, Dr. Andrea Katalin Molnar, an anthropologist who has conducted research on the island of Flores and Alan Risetar, Acting Divisional Manager and Collection Division Manager of Amphibians and Reptiles, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. Both were given the awards for “Friends of Komodo”. Komodo promotional night was ended with “lucky draw” with a prize of a return ticket from Chicago – Bali – Labuan Bajo, Flores with tour packages to Komodo National Park which was won by Alex Yoffe, a member of Friends of the Gamelan of Chicago. Most of the audience expressed their positive impressions, especially the tourism industries and travel agencies in the Midwest, which are planning a tour package heading to the Komodo National Park.

Source: KJRI Chicago


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