Komodo dragons hatching on-line

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Prague Zoo, Realwonderoftheworld.com – World’s rarity – For the fourth time, the female komodo dragon, Aranka, has laid eggs. Prague Zoo is the first zoo in the world where this has happened. Prague has thus even overtaken Washington Zoo.

What is more, Prague Zoo komodo dragons have become celebrities, as the hatching was partially broadcast on-line. 13 offspring hatched during the live transmission, the rest, in total twenty komodo dragons, hatched outside the broadcast time. In the meantime, Aranka laid a fourth load of eggs.

People waited for dragons
“Thousands of people waited for another “little dragon” to leave the egg and set off to explore its surroundings. Many stayed awake, some even until dawn. In a way, komodo dragons had become celebrities even before they left the eggs,” said Miroslav Bobek, the Director of Prague Zoo, on-line transmission not only popularized komodo dragon breeding in Prague, it also revealed so far hidden facts about the process of hatching of komodo dragons.”

Hatching takes hours
One animal hatches for around 30 hours. The off-springs hatched within seven days. “All of them are very active. They measure 40-45 cm and weigh around 100-140 grams. We as well as colleagues from abroad have welcomed the on-line transmission, as it significantly brought forward our knowledge on komodo dragon breeding,” said Petr Velenský, the reptiles curator.

The last load will probably see six offspring
“There is only one zoo in the world that has managed to breed komodo dragons on three occasions. Our Aranka has now laid her fourth load with six inseminated eggs,” said Mr. Velenský. Aranka laid the eggs deep under the concrete in the Indonesian Jungle exposition. Keepers then moved them to an incubator. It will take 200 days to know whether we will see other offspring.

In the Big Tortoises House
All the “little dragons” that hatched last week are now kept in special conditions in a breeding terrarium but their older siblings can be seen in the Big Tortoises House. Their mother – Aranka – can be seen in the Indonesian Jungle.

The Komodo Dragon – the largest lizard in the world – is one of the most endangered species. In its natural habitat, it can only be seen on several Indonesian islands in total they number about 5000 individuals. Together with Prague Zoo, you can contribute anytime to the protection of the Flores Islands komodo dragons by sending a donor text message in the following form: DMS VARANFLORES on 87 777. The cost of one DMS is 30 CZK.

Taken from zoopraha.cz