Live Streaming Komodo Hatching from Eggs!

August 9, 2011 1 Comment »

Praha, – Prague Zoo has ever broadcasted Komodo hatching from eggs live on-line on August 31st 2010. This rare event was witnessed by thousands of people around the world. According to Petr Velensky, Komodo egg needs approximately 30 hours to complete its hatch. The six eggs are the fourth for Aranka –the Komodo mother– spawn cycle. For Petr, perhaps only at Zoo Praha, a Komodo can live in three seasons.

By this week, August 2011, there are five eggs to hatch. Marketeers intends to broadcast the process live on Hermawan Kartajaya calls the momentum as a gift from Czech Republic to Indonesia 66th commemoration of Independence on August 17th, 2011.

Represented by Hendra Warsita, Marketeers succeed contacting Petr Velensky, Zoo Praha’s reptile curator, to convey aforesaid intention. Petr Velensky without any specific reply to Marketeers, sent a letter being grateful of Marketeers’ intention to broadcast live Komodo hatching process. Previously, Petr Velensky said this moment is still in camera recording process.

However, this time, Petr added that the camera is not connected to the Internet. Petr and his team will check continuously; hence there are kind of hatching signal, they will connect it to the internet and send the link to Marketeers. The hatching is estimable happened on next Wednesday.

Interpreting Petr Velensky response, Marketeers does not stop to strive for getting the hatching process live on line to the internet. Marketeers through Hendra Warsita, replied and told Petr that all Indonesians –from ordinary people to the government– expect those special baby’s hatching.

Finally, that last letter from Hendra Warsita touch Petr Velensky heart to set a live streaming on Zoo Praha web site. The answer is only four hours after Hendra Warsita mail to him. Therefore, follow the live streaming on the link below:

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This post is special report for “Counting Down, Live Streaming Komodo Dragons Hatching from Egg”

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