Make Sure You Protect Komodo!

July 2, 2011 No Comments » – Komodo is indeed captivating for almost everyone. Even more, komodo is the only primordial animal that still lives in this era. Taking it into account, one important thing is to protect the species from extinction; not only using it as an object for exploitation. Syahrani (Musician) told this to Marketeers, after the press-launching event of Komodo: The Real Wonder of The World at Philip Kotler Hall, MarkPlus, Inc., Jakarta (Fri, July 01).

“We need various of campaigns, especially the campaign to attract the local and international tourists. Aside from that, we also need the campaign to gain local sources where the local society is eager to love the nature and all things inside it. There has to be an education in the local level as well as in the tourism market, with the supervision from the government. Protecting the komodo from extinction is way more important because this is the only species of the primordial reptile exist,” said Syahrani.

The anticipation of preventing komodo from its extinction should be done together. Syahrani gave the example of the extinction thread of terumbu karang in Mentawai seas after the tsunami.

“For that reason, the education on the local level becomes very important. The promotion has been undergone and there are lots of TV stations in the world that broadcast this news. The education can be done through many ways, including the social media. What we can do now, we better do it now,” told Syahrani.

Let’s explore Komodo National Park and Happy Green Travels!

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