Meet Boudreaux, Colorado’s Newest Resident Komodo Dragon

September 22, 2011 No Comments » – The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Aquatics Building introduced their newest feature, an 89-pound Komodo dragon named Boudreaux. He emerged from his crate to the cheers of the surrounding crowd.

The Zoo kept Boudreaux’s species a secret until Wednesday, soliciting guesses with clues on their Facebook page. Some people guessed correctly, but others wondered if it might be a turtle, snake or alligator.

The eight-year-old Komodo dragon is on loan from the Oklahoma City Zoo for two years while his exhibit there is being renovated. They say his favorite food is rats, but in the wild, Komodo dragons eat deer, bore and goats.

Komodo dragons are native to the Komodo Islands of Indonesia and are the world’s largest lizards. They grow up to nine feet long and weighing up to 300 pounds.

The zoo says staff will spend the next several weeks helping Boudreaux get used to his new home.

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Taken from and image courtesy of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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