Olga Lydia & Komodo National Park

July 2, 2011 No Comments »

Realwonderoftheworld.com – Komodo Island captivates many people. Aside from the wildlife of the giant and ancient reptiles living there, the nature and its culture are as well enthralling. These are the things that make Olga Lydia mesmerized. “I am so excited that today we have Friends of Komodo who solemnly gather for Indonesia. I am delighted to talk about komodo,” said Olga Lydia, who is also an Ambassador for Komodo, to Marketeers after the press-launching event of Komodo: The Real Wonder of the World in Philip Kotler Hall, MarkPlus, Inc., Jakarta (Fri, July 01).

Talking about Komodo, Olga seems to be the expert. Starting from the transportation to get there until all the wonderful things inside the Komodo Island itself. “In Labuan Bajo, this is a perfect place to dive, especially for a diver like me. We can go directly to the sea. Considering the position of Komodo National Park is likely to be similar with the position between the Thousands Island (Kepulauan Seribu) and Jakarta, so first, we berth at Bajo then continue the journey to Komodo Island and/or Rinca Island where there live numerous species of Komodo. There are approximately 1,200 komodo live in an island,” told Olga.

Komodo is such a unique animal. It is the only primordial giant reptile that still exists in the world. Furthermore, Olga added that komodo has venom; it lays eggs in which the eggs are able to crack themselves without the role of the male komodo. Komodo has the characteristic of a ‘cannibal’, meaning that it may hunt another komodo.

Beside komodo, the Komodo Island has another wonderful beauty, namely the various kinds of birds, its enchanting nature that is suitable for hiking, and etc. “If I do hiking, I would go to Rinca Island. It is perfect in both July and August when we can see the beautiful dried savannah with the dried tree and the blue sky. This is the right time to explore the Komodo Island,” said Olga.

The underwater nature in Komodo islands is just alluring. “There are many mantas gathering in a site and we may see it directly with naked eyes. In our way back, we should visit the Pink Beach or popularly known as the Pink Beach. There are dark-red rocks; when they split, the beach turns to pink. Even more, there is Kalong Beach where there are hundred thousands bats flying out to Flores Island in sunset. This is indeed a very, very beautiful view,” said Olga.

Moreover, Olga also told the arts of Flores that cannot be missed out. “This is the review about Komodo Island. Apparently, there are still so much more things to be told. It is wonderful. For this reason, we have to conserve the Komodo Island as in there we may find the one and only real wonder of the world,” Olga concluded.

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