Special Report: Komodo Campaign Held in Sydney

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Sydney, Realwonderoftheworld.com – The campaign for Komodo as the natural wonders of the world was held on Friday (9 / 9) in Sydney, Australia. The event themed “Komodo Nights in Sydney” reflects the efforts of the Government of Indonesia to promote independently after Komodo was pulled out of the New Seven Wonders of Nature held by the New Seven Wonders Foundation institute on the internet.

This promotional event was held at the Sydney Opera House. Reporter of Kompas, Lusiana Indriasari from Sydney reported that the campaign featured photographs and film documentation of tourism and conservation on Komodo island.

“Komodo Nights in Sydney” was held to attract tourists from Sydney. The city was chosen because many of its citizens visit Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara. After Sydney, other cities targeted for campaign are Chicago, the United States.

On the same day, the delegation from Ministry of Culture and Tourism along with reporters visited komodo at Taronga Zoo. The male komodo at the zoo was of administration of President Soeharto in 1985.

Head of the General Consulate of Republic of Indonesia in Sydney Gary Jusuf said that they would help to continue the promotion of komodo to bring writers of tourism articles from Sydney to Komodo island.

General Director of Marketing and Tourism Promotion Ministry of Culture and Tourism said, the promotion of komodo will be continued by cooperating with private parties. This time the campaign is managed by MarkPlus, a company owned by Hermawan Kartajaya.

Taken from Kompas

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