Special Report: Komodo Night in Sydney

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Sydney, Realwonderoftheworld.com – Ministry of Culture and Tourism held a “Komodo Night” in Sydney, Australia. The event is intended for marketing the Komodo National Park and supporting the Indonesian tourism.

General Director of Tourism Marketing, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Nirwandar said the city was chosen due to the high enthusiasm of the Australian community towards tourism in Indonesia. “The high enthusiasm can be seen from the rapid growth of tourists from Australia,” he said.

Tourism Ambassador of Indonesia Hermawan Kertajaya also said that the growing Australian travelers were as one of the reasons why Komodo Night was held. ”Statistics shows that, we will take it into consideration,” the marketing expert said.

The growth of tourists from Australia is even higher than the cumulative growth of foreign tourists to Indonesia. In 2010 according to the Management Center for Data and Network Systems of Ministry of Culture, the number of Australian tourists reached 730,941 people, rapidly growing 35.65 percent compared to 2009, which was only 538,849 people.

This growth is more rapid than the total of foreign tourists to Indonesia, which is only 10.74 percent in 2010 with a total of 6.32 million people.

Meanwhile, the “Komodo Night” was held in the Opera Point Marquee at the Sydney Opera House. The Queen of Komodo Dragon painting took part in the event, including folklore by an artist from the United States, Alex Valenzuela, musical performances of ethnic origin from Flores such as  sasando and juk as well as musical performances by Ivan Nestorman and Dira Sugandi.

In addition, statements from friends of Komodo and giving awards to Taronga Conservation Society Australia as Friend of Komodo. The event “Komodo Night” has previously been held in Bali. Ahead, the event will also be held in the U.S.

Taken from metronews.com

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