The History of Komodo National Park

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The History of Komodo National Park – Administratively, Komodo National Park (KNP) is located in the area of Komodo sub-district, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Labuan Bajo is a small yet charming harbor at the edge west point of Flores Island and has its role as an entrance to the KNP area.

Here are The History of Komodo National Park:

  1. 1911, Komodo was first found by JKH Van Steyn.
  2. 1912, Komodo was named as Varanus komodoensis by PA Owens.
  3. 1912, Sultan Bima issued a letter regarding the resolution to protect the komodo.
  4. 1938, Flores Residence issued a resolution to build conservation at Rinca Island, Padar Island and the conservation at Komodo Island in 1965.
  5. March 6, 1980, The Minister of Agriculture appointed Komodo Island, Padar and Rinca as Komodo National Park.
  6. 1986, UNESCO designated KNP as the Biosphere Preservation (Man and Biosphere Reserve)
  7. 1991, UNESCO designated KNP as the World Heritage Site.
  8. 1992, Komodo was designated as the national symbol by the President.
  9. 1992, The shifting function of the preservation in Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island in the area of 40.728 Ha and the designation of the seas in the area of 132.572 Ha as the Komodo National Park.
  10.  2000, KNP was designated as the nature’s conservation area of 132.572 Ha.
  11. 2006, KNP was included as the 20 National Park Model in Indonesia.
  12.  2011, Komodo National Park was designated as The Real Wonder of The World by Marketeers and The Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Republic of Indonesia.


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