The Tourist Visits to Komodo National Park Increase Annually

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Komodo National Park, – Preserving, protecting and promoting Komodo National Park (KNP) means preserving, protecting and promoting our own nation, considering Komodo is one of our greatest and one of a kind treasure in the world. Therefore, KNP is worth to be preserved – here, we would find The Real Wonder of The World.

Annually, the tourist visits to KNP increase with the average number of 10,000 tourists. In 2009, tourist visits reached to 36,000 visitors while in 2010 it reached 45,000 visitors. West Manggarai Chief of Culture and Tourism, Selasa Paulus, revealed this report (22/7).

“In 2011, the tourist visits reached up to 50 percent and in these recent days, most of the tourists come from European countries, such as France, Netherlands and Germany. This is because of the good impact from The Real Wonder of The World campaign, which was initiated by Marketeers and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,” said Lukman Hidayat, as the Chief of Balai Taman Nasional Area I.

On the other hand, the domestic tourists who visit KNP are stumbled mostly upon the transportation to KNP and its high cost of accommodation. This issue was also told by a traveler from Jakarta, Winda Senda, to Marketeers, “The travel cost to KNP is more expensive than the cost we spend to travel to Singapore or KL. KNP is like heaven!”

Quite contrary to that, Pak Aji, a captain who usually escorts the tourists to KNP, “For Indonesian tourists, it’s better to visit in a big host so that it would be cheaper to rent the speedboat, considering the fuel provided in Labuan Bajo is quite costly,” he told.

No worries regarding the accommodation since Labuan Bajo provides 37 lodgings, starting from the low rate to the high ones that offer luxury. It all depends on your budget.

Nevertheless, another constraint when we visit KNP is the infrequent flight to Labuan Bajo compared to the numerous tourists who want to visit KNP. The official chief of Culture and Tourism of West Manggarai expect that there would be more flights from and to Labuan Bajo. Aside from the increasing flights, KNP itself is only appropriate to be visited by approximately 60,000 visitors. Instead of the mass tourism, the tourism concept that is upheld by KNP is an eco-tourism. Moreover, West Manggarai is planning to explore the other tourism sites in this area so that there would be a balance of tourist visits and not only around KNP.

“In Labuan Bajo, there is a tourist site of Batu Cermin Cave. Then 60 kilometers ahead to Welah we will find the Snakes Castle, where there are many snakes are found. Additionally, there is Cunca Wulang waterfall in Sanogoang,” told him to Marketeers.

He added that the tourist sites can be visited but the roads to those sites are not yet fine enough to be crossed. “The sites only can be visited by the travelers who use motorcycles,” he said.

“The other magnet of west Manggarai is its handicrafts such as the ‘kopiah’-hat souvenir of Manggarai that is made from pandanus. The others are the jewelry made of pearls, bounded woven scarf of West Manggarai and the wooden sculpture of Komodo. We also have 24 studio arts, like Caci Dance in West Manggarai,” said Selasa Paulus.

One more thing you might not want to miss is the culinary tour, like tasting the Grilled Cara Fish made by the local people in Labuan Bajo. Enjoying the exotic view of KNP in Labuan Bajo is such an unforgettable experience.

How to Get There:

Overland, Visitors can do the trip of Bali – Mataram (Lombok Island) – Bima – Sape (Sumbawa Island), and then continue the trip by daily ferry to Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo, the visitors may visit the KNP by boat or speedboat.

By Air, Visitors may use the daily flight from Bali (Denpasar) to Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo, visitors may go to Komodo National Park by boat or speedboat.

Liveaboard, Visitors may do liveaboard by using the liveaboard operator from Bali or Lombok by tracking the islands in West Nusa Tenggara, namely Sumbawa, Moyo Island, Gili Keramat, Satonda, Gila Laba Komodo Island, Padar Island, Rinca Island and etc until the ship berth at Labuan Bajo. For divers, we recommend the liveaboard directly to KNP.

Happy Green Travels!

Let’s explore Komodo National Park: The Real Wonder of The World. Celebrating the Last Great Authentic Creature in the Universe.

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