Top 10 Travel Songs in Komodo National Park

November 4, 2011 No Comments » - Music unites differences. Music allows us to meet travelers from various countries, local residents, sway together, and even enable us to soothe our soul. Music makes us keep finding new places or to travel simply for the joy of the journey.

Music is like ecstasy in traveling. With music, a sense of frustration from the airport, delayed flight & ferry turn into fun. Music makes me always excited when packing, and complete the perfection of nature while enjoying the exoticism of Indonesia.

So here, the real wonder of the world dedicates Top 10 Travel Songs in Komodo National Park:

10). Komodo by Mauro Picotto

09). The Kiss by Pallers

08). Nusantara by Ernie Djohan

07). Albatross by Sambassadeur

06). Under Water by Acid House Kings

05). Halleluja! by Ingenting

04). The Real Wonder of The World by Ivan Nestorman feat Dira Sugandi

03). The Ocean by Wonderful Chill Out Music

02). Tropical Loveland by ABBA

01). Komodo Sunset by Ivan Nestorman

So, What songs would you add to the list? Share your picks in the comments!

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