Top 8 Place & Things To Do in Komodo National Park

August 12, 2011 No Comments » ­ Adventure traveler? Need travel ideas for a Komodo National Park summer vacation?  The Park belongs in the Komodo Sub-District of Manggarai District in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. travelers and editors chose the travel sites which “explore and learn”. With travelers seeking outdoor activities during the summer months, Komodo National Park offer unforgettable experiences and provide stories to last a lifetime.

Here are’s Top 8 Place & Things To Do in the Komodo National Park, The Real Wonder of The World:

  • Loh Liang. The activities you can do: observing the Komodo, deers, hogs, birds; canoeing, etc.
  • Pink Beach. The beautiful beach with the pink-coloured sand and alluring corals. The activities you can do: snorkeling and sunbathing.
  • Loh Sebita. Loh Sebita is a mangrove area, thus observing the fauna and trekking are the interesting activities you can do here.
  • Loh Buaya. The activities you can do: observing the Komodo, deer, buffaloes, birds, long-tailed monkeys and wild horses; canoeing.
  • Kalong Island. The activities you can do: observing numerous bats in a colony. The best time to do this is at sunset when all the bats start to fly off to haunt food. It’s just amazing!
  • Golo Kode. From the top of the hill known as Golo Kode, tourists may witness the enchanting panorama and fantastic landscape.
  • Molo Strait.  The strait that has a swift current like the river flow at its hight tide.
  • Cannibal Rock. Famous for its varied and colorful invertebrate life. Night dives are excellent, especially on the sandy slope of the northern side of the island starting at about 25 m depth.

Let’s explore Komodo National Park: The Real Wonder of The World. Celebrating the last great authentic creature in the universe.

Happy Green Travels!

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